Indian girl cries tears of stone

Posted: 3rd December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Children, People
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We’ve heard about tears of blood before but there has recently been a new case which was reported in India whereby a seven year old girl is crying tears of stones.  Kura Nitya is said to cry ranging from 12 to 25 stones daily and although she says that it is not painful, she however has swollen eyes just before the tears falls off. 

Physicians remain perplex as to what exactly is causing these tears since the girl is perfectly healthy and does not represent any form of eye infection.  His grandfather, Gopal Reddy, explains that the tears started two weeks back and initially they attributed this strange phenomenon to God’s miracle.  They prayed for the child’s well being and for the tears to stop but in the end they resorted to medical advice. 

However, despite consulting many eye specialists, none of them have so far come up with an answer for this strange and one of a kind phenomenon.  The stony tears are being kept for future analysis whereby perhaps an answer can be found to these strange tears.

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