Ink fans tattooed from head to toe show off their wacky designs at annual convention
Tattoo fans were out in force for the annual London Tattoo Meeting where some actively wacky designs were inked. More than 20000, people cascade on the anniversary at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, displaying 300 of the world’s most distinguished tattoo artists. Ink addict braved the pain and went under the needle to get a host of alluring work, counting account of film stars, tribal art, Asian designs and classic tattoos. Getty

An artist inks a neck design on a client The human body became a canvas for plenty of caller who took things to the next level and deprived off to get huge inkings as they cover themselves from head to toe. Giant back pieces were being done, along with daring leg designs and even artwork in more affectionate places. Mirror Online also caught up with famous tattooist Oliver Peck, who was once married to fellow artist Kat Von D, and was pleased to be aiding the event again. Wenn

London Tattoo Meeting He told us: “I always have such a great time at the meeting and love doing the classic Sailor Jerry Client were also able to watch competent comic stars and artist perform and roam around a number of gift shops selling the latest in body jewellery, latex wear, fetish appliance, country rock apparel, goth gear and more. Models admitted Mz Bones joined pin-up stars on stage in a variety of raunchy outfits at the 11th annual three-day show. Wenn

A family at London Tattoo Meeting Client Sherie Lovering said it had been a “brilliant” event and she was , strum and absorbed and already can’t wait for next year’s convention. Megan La Belle, who achieve on the Miss Pinup UK stage, also added: “I had such a For more about London Tattoo Meeting visit: