Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 5While a trip into the forests of the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in Africa may be on everyone’s bucket list, for one terrified photographer, Christophe Courteau, 46, the dream became a nightmare. The amazing thing is that Christophe managed to capture the most captivating picture of the drunk gorilla just moments before the 250kg gorilla struck out at Christophe’s face.

Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 4The huge Silverback Akarevuro was behaving in the way of typical brawlers in a bar. He had apparently become intoxicated from eating fermenting bamboo stems and when he spotted the camera he became angry.

The spectacular 250kg Silverback clenched his fist tightly before taking the photographer on. Christophe, who hails from France, said that in fact, the entire group of gorillas were in an agitated state on the particular day. This was attributed to their consumption of the bamboo stems. These stems cause the gorillas to become excitable and intoxicated.
Intoxicated Silverback Gorilla 3The agitated Silverback suddenly ran at Christophe, who was taken off guard while photographing on his knees. In a few seconds, the magnificent beast was on him, throwing a punch at his face before shoving Christophe aside in disdain.

Intoxicated Silverback GorillaThe gorilla then thundered away into the vegetation to chase away another male gorilla who was paying to much attention to his female harem.