Is this the Largest number of Grandchildren in the world

Posted: 6th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People

Is this the Largest number of Grandchildren in the world

In a time where the average family is having only two kids the Urich family has maintained the tradition of having large families.  In fact their new born baby, Henry, is his grandfather’s 100th grandchild.  Mother Tatjana and father Heinrich have a total of nine children with their eldest one being 12. 

Heinrich is himself from a family of 16 children and he is the fifth one.  Following the birth of Henry, his grandparents who are originally from Russia but now living in Canada, have decided to have a grand party in the Church to celebrate the arrival of the 100th grandchild. 

Viktor, the grandfather, explains that having such a large family is always a delight since everyone remains close to each other and remain supportive all the time.  Older siblings automatically act as babysitters to the youngest ones.  But he admits that getting everyone together for a family gathering can be a real pain since the family is so large.  Another problem that he faces is trying to remember the names of everyone-half of the children have Canadian names while the other half has Russian ones. 

For Heinrich, having a large family means that things never get boring and there is always something interesting coming up.  He also does not feel any financial stress in taking care of his family.

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    Damn, did not even think this was possible