Karate Classes Prove Their Worth

Posted: 5th June 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Karate training can be quite important at times. Indeed, a Kiwi waitress demonstrated the benefits of taking up some karate courses when she somehow managed to floor 2 male attackers.  Two accurate punches were enough to knock out her aggressors, both twice as old as her.

All started in central Wellington when the young lady was heading home after a night shift last Saturday. She was suddenly attacked by an unsuspecting man from behind. According to detectives, her karate classes helped her. An elbow into the chest and a stump on the attacker’s foot helped her get away from the man. She was then attacked by the second male suspect, who tried to pull her handbag.  She retaliated by punching him in the stomach.  The detective was clearly impressed by the karate skills of the young lady. While he would not encourage most people to fight back, the way the woman acted needed some bravery.

Not so much a Weird Story but More Impressive

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