Kidnapper sues hostages

Posted: 23rd December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Kidnapper sues hostages

A man who is currently purging a sentence of 11 years is suing a couple he once held hostage on grounds that they did not respect an oral contract they made with him.  In fact, Jesse Dimmick burst into Jared and Lindsay Rowley’s home in the Topeka area in September 2009 when he was fleeing from authorities because he was wanted for questioning in connection with the death of a Colorado man. 

When the chase began, Dimmick sought refuge in the couple’s home and according to court papers he negotiated with the couples to hide him from the police and in exchange he will give them an unspecified amount of money.  Neighbors have testified that the couple shared snacks and watched movies with the man while he was supposedly holding them hostage and when he fell asleep, the couple managed to escape from the house safely. 

The kidnapper is pressing charges and suing them for $235000 in part to pay for hospital charges as a result of him being shot by the police during the chase.  On the other hand, in response to the Dimmick’s charges, the couple is in turn suing him for $75000 for breaking into their house and putting them through emotional stress. 

Dimmick is currently being held for 11 years since May 2010 for four felonies including kidnapping and murder of Michael Curtis in 2009.

  1. Burma says:

    It’s funny on how he thinks that the agreement they had when the other party is restricted from saying no for their own safety is valid. It’s sad to see that people can be this dumb sometimes but still smart enough to try to take advantage on little knowledge that he knew about contract.

  2. Adeline says:

    It’s scary because this man is only going to be in jail for 11 years and when he is coming out, he’ll definitely seek revenge on the couple considering that he is assuming that the couple betrayed him. If I am them, I will forget about suing each other and just move away from that city..