Killer sharks on Australian Golf Course – But not Greg Norman

Posted: 12th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Six man eating bullsharks have become minor celebrities in their own right on a golf course in Brisbane.  The killer sharks were inadvertently gushed into a lake in the golf course when a river broke its banks and flooded it. 

While you would normally expect to see dangerous sharks in deep sea, at the Carbrook Golf Club visitors are now used to the sight of the killer sharks’ fins poking out of the water from the lake where they have found their new home. 

During the Shark Lake Challenge, golfers normally take a break of a few minutes to see if the sharks can be spotted before moving to the next tee.  The general manager of the golf course still sees this as something unbelievable, having six killer sharks at only six feet away. 

He further adds that everyone has become so accustomed to see the killer sharks around that there is no more drama regarding their existence in this lake at the middle of the Golf Course.  He admits that these sharks can be very aggressive to human beings who are in the water but as long as you are watching them from a distance, they seem interesting and beautiful to watch.

Killer sharks invade golf course in Australia