Laser Tattoo removal for ex white supremacist

Posted: 4th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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In a bid to get past his previous life as a white supremacist, Bryon Widner, has put himself into one of the painful tattoo removal procedure which required 25 surgeries over a 16 months period.  Widner, was one of the pillars of the white power movement and was feared by all-young and old alike.  But after settling down with his wife Julie who also happens to be part of the white movement, he realized that the path he was treading into was not the right one and decided to bring changes into his life. 

This was easier said than done since although the way of thinking and living of Widner and his wife had changed, his physical appearance, most notably his tattoo covered body-revealed too much about his past and previous allegiance.  In fact, his whole body, including his face and neck were covered with tattoos bearing a racist nature which spell words of hatred. 

In order to get rid of the tattoos, apart from the fact that this was a lengthy and painful experience, it was also one which was very costly.  In the end, out of desperation, the couple reached for help from a black man who was in charge of an anti violence group.  His case was later referred to someone else who agreed to sponsor the lengthy tattoo removal procedure at a cost of $35,000. 

Dr. Shack who was responsible for getting the notorious tattoo off Widner’s face and body explains that it was such a painful procedure that he had to be put under general anesthetic for every hour and a half of the operation, but maintains that his patient remained brave the whole time. 

Now that his face is tattoo-free, Widner feels like he has been given a new identity and can now start his life anew, but following the surgery, this has made his skin more vulnerable to sun exposure.  But he remains positive, saying that this is just a little price to pay for being human again.

  1. Dr D says:

    I did a few cases like this as a plastic surgery resident. We had a reduced cost clinic. Now mostly dermatologists do these.