Latest Canine Fashion – Wigs for Dogs

Posted: 12th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Here’s the latest canine fashion trend-dress your pampered dogs in colorful wigs that will give them a new leash of life and bring the best out of them- at least that’s what their owners and the maker of these wigs seem to think!

According to Ruth Regine, a veteran US wig maker, these hair pieces can be worn with great ease and comfort by the dogs and cost up to only £35.  Sporting these wigs and other hair accessories, the dogs do indeed look happy, perhaps because they did not have a glimpse at themselves in the mirror. 

Ruth, who comes from a family who has been making wigs since eight generation explains that there was nothing else she wanted to do, having always seen her family in the wig business.  Ruth explains that she made her first dog wig for her niece and then started making for her friends and family members at no cost at all until she finally decided to make it a business on its own right.  Now Ruth offers to her clients all sorts of wigs tailor made to the customer’s demands and has well established business even if she has only started out recently.  She gets orders from all over the world and offers a great variety of wigs to her clients.  For instance clients can have their delectable dogs dressed like Madonna, Elvis or Sarah Palin.

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