PAY-Flying-saucerThe intriguing images of a bizarre flying saucer-shaped object

This object was dug out by a coal mining company, during an excavation. They resemble a UFO that fell from the outer space to earth and appear to have embedded itself in the ground thousands of years ago. After the object was dug out, in Siberia’s Kuznetsk Basin, Russia, the team called on Archaeologists to examine the object, which they claim is man-made, hence the mystery. Sky-watchers, on the other hand, some are of the opinion that the object fell from space.

PAY-Flying-saucer1This interesting object is almost circular in shape, with a diameter of 1.2 meters. The object is 440lbs heavy, an equivalent of 31 stone. Boris Glazkov, the 40 year old excavator behind this discovery, says that the object was large and distinctive, hence easy to see. He says that he has never come across such an object, which he believes is manmade, in such a place. Arthur Presnyakov, a colleague of Boris, says that there were two such objects and that one broke as it was being pulled out of the ground. After the first one broke, they came across the second one and had to stop work to remove it carefully from the excavator bucket.

PAY-Flying-saucer3Kuzbassrazrezugol mining company, the owner of the object, reported that they encountered the object at a depth of about 40 meters. Having been so deeply embedded in the ground, the object could be older than mammoth bones, some of which were found at depths of 25 meters.

Do you think it is from Outer Space?