Imagine having an aircraft crashing in your room while you are having a nap? This is the mishap of Roberto Mendez.  The man from Argentina was having his afternoon nap when the plane crashed into his bedroom and upon hearing the loud noise, the man ran downstairs away from the crash.

After a little while he went back to the room and saw that gasoline was dripping out all over the room.  As a precautionary measure, he cut down the electricity and went back to the room.  This is when he saw the two crew members coming out of the crashed plane.  The crash left a big hole in the roof as well as destroyed all of his furniture, not to the mention the mess that the gasoline spill created. 

The owner of the house was so freaked out that he did not know what to do and adding to his troubles is the fact that now he cannot even stay in his own house since experts believe that the crash has weakened the structure of the house, which can collapse at any time. 

Regarding the pilot and his passenger, they were treated for minor injuries in a nearby hospital and were allowed to go home the same day.  It was later found out that the aircraft had taken off from a nearby flying club and had lost attitude and crashed into the house.

Light aircraft crashed into bedroom

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