Live in Georgia and you’re more likely to be Embezzled

Posted: 29th June 2010 by Absurd Stories in Law
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Embezzlement –  The act of proving the proverb that a fool and his money are soon parted

In the past, the public has been lenient in its assessment of bunco artists, embezzlers and other white collar criminals. With the disastrous convergences of the savings and loan crises now manifestly obvious to all, the nation is now taking a much dimmer and more punishing view of fiduciary pilferage.

Unlike many crimes which are ubiquitous, embezzlement tends to be highly regionalized. A good embezzler knows to go where the money is, not just where the fools are, which he knows are everywhere. The following list represents the proportions of embezzlement and bank fraud crimes in one year, relative to the population, in the ten states with the highest rates:

California          1 in 10,300

Texas               1 in 13,300

Florida             1 in 11,800

New York        1 in 24,900

New Jersey      1 in 13,400

Georgia            1 in 9,900

Ohio                 1 in 21,100

Pennsylvania     1 in 23,500

Illinois               1 in 26,200

Maryland          1 in 12,700

Source: F.B.I Bank Crime Statistics

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