Living with Werewolf Syndrome

Posted: 9th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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As strange as it sounds 3 indian sisters are afflicted by one of the strangest medical conditions in the world, only affecting one billion individuals.

The Sangli sisters are suffering from a rare genetic disorder referred to as werewolf syndrome – this is where they are covered from their head to toe in thick and often black hair.

Named Savita, 23, Monisha, 18, and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli, they reside in a village near Pune, doctors believe they contracted the hypertrichosis universalis disorder from their genetic father.

Hypertrichosis universalis is a unusual genetic mutation, by which cells that normally switch off hair growth in uncommon areas, such as the eyelids and forehead, are left turned on.

Unfortunately the girls have excessive hair growth on their faces, affecting their eyebrows, nose and giving them a beard.

To combat the problem the sisters partake in hair removal cream to keep their condition under control on a short term basis.

It is possible to have laser surgery for Rs 3,50,000, but the family is not wealthy enough to afford the specialised treatment.

The mother Anita Sambhaji Raut has 6 daughters in total with 3 of them having werewolf syndrome.