Looking at Accidental Death

Posted: 8th June 2010 by Absurd Stories in People

Meeting your maker quite unexpectedly and under the most unfavorable conditions.

Each day 5,937 people die from various natural and unnatural causes, ranging from infant mortality to inevitable accidents caused by the decreased physical ability of the elderly. The odds that you will go naturally are 22 in 23. The alternative way to pass on to the next world, in an accident, accounts for 4.3% of all deaths in America.

The Odds: Dying in an accident, as opposed to from natural causes, is a 1 in 23 shot. If you catch you lunch in a mishap, the odds are are that it will be associated with the following fatal circumstances:

Automobile Accident                – 1 in 2

Fall                                           – 1 in 9

Drowning                                 – 1 in 17

Fires or Burns                           – 1 in 20

Poisoning                                  – 1 in 23

Suffocation                               – 1 in 26

Shooting                                   – 1 in 52

Gas or Vapor Inhalation            – 1 in 128

Source: National Safety Council

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