We’re affluent to live in a time where there are many admirable ways of making a name and being gifted with your appearance and your passion, and that is where the scale your tastes lie, we have make-up, body art, jab and fashion at our clearance to make our dreams a reality. While your eyes may be the windows to the soul, brows are call widely by beauty experts as “a picture frame “. These women have plucked, fortify, stencilled, shaved and strum theirs in the name of beauty, proving whether you’re more Disney villain than queen, there’s a shape for everyone. Big is alluring Brow sizes come in and out of fashion, but thanks to figure such as Cara Delevingne, big brows are having a moment. But if you over-plucked yours when younger, or have commonly fine, pale countenance, if you have the right tools for the job, this is still an feasible look. 1. Making a statement: this look means you will go through more eyebrow pencils than you would differently 2. This lady has also tried out a kind of contrasting shade 3. Reddit