Man aged 90 has 50 children

Posted: 27th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Lucky Brazilian farmer aged 90 years old is the father to 50 children-some of whom he does not even recall their names-with four different women which includes two sisters and their mother; i.e. his sister in law and mother in law. 

Luiz Costa de Oliviera who is a retired farmer claims that the best thing that God made in this world is woman and he is one lucky guy for having found love, not once or twice but four times and he was more lucky to have fathered 50 children with four different women. 

He fathered 17 children with his first wife Francisca who then passed away and right after her death, he fell in love again with Maria Francisca, 64, with whom he had another 17 children.  While still married to her, he started having an affair with his second wife’s sister who used to come to his place to help feed the kids and get them dressed.  Out of this affair he got 15 children with Ozelita, 58, Maria’s sister. 

In the end, the Casanova did not even spare his own mother in law with whom he had an affair but this time he fathered only one child with the woman aged 89. 

Now this is a man who should have learnt a lesson or two on family planning! No need for this farmer to be on Farmer Wants a Wife