Man eats underwear to beat breathalyser

Posted: 1st December 2009 by Absurd Stories in People

Canadian man attempts to eat underwear to beat the breathalyser

You may have heard some of the countless rumours to beat the breathalyser test such as the chewing gum trick or even the coin trick which involves you sucking on pennies in order to remove the smell of alcohol from your breath or even tried some of these methods which never work, but one Canadian man took the rumours to the next level by eating his own underpants in order to cheat the breathalyser.

David Zurfluh was stopped by police due to his car swerving along the highway, he was arrested by police and while in the back of the patrol car he tried to eat his own underpants. He told the courts that he removed the crotch section from his underpants before trying to eat them; he spat them out moments later. A class of law students were sitting in on the case in order to get some legal experience but they had to be removed from the court room by their teacher as he had difficulty trying to stop them laughing.

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