Man opens parcel marked return to sender and wishes he hadnt when tarantula crawls out
A man who opened a package at his new address was left wishing he hadn’t when he found a large Tarantula inside. The letter was forward ‘return to sender’ and accommodate a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, the third largest spider in the world. Postage dates on the parcel showed it had been unopened for three weeks and the tissue bedding in the tarantula’s bag had gone mouldy. The man, who lives in Bristol, took the spider to Highcroft Veterinary Group in Whitchurch in the city, where it was inspected and found to be ailing Vets accepted the spider as a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, which can grow to have a leg span of 28cm and are known to be semi-aggressive. The species, with 2.5cm fangs, are capable of ‘kicking’ hairs from their abdomen as a defence instrument, which can be a skin aggravation and cause blindness. Sonya Miles, a veterinary surgeon at Highcroft, said: I inspected the Tarantula it was clear it was very unwell, as it was showing signs of lack and had lost a lot of hair from the abdomen. Have your say in our new commentary section below Getty

Defence mechanism: Admitting the spider wasn’t destructive, it can use its hairs to attack (file account can affect Tarantula very individually so, with the disclosure to the fungus and being repeat after circling in the post for so long, I’m amazed it even survived. is common to send insects and some living animal via the post, as long as they are clearly characterize in accord with the postal service being used. the package did adhere to all the adjustment, it was just an unlucky position that appear in it not being cool by its calculated Miss Miles took the spider, which she has named Sid, to bounce back at her rescue centre, North Somerset Reptile Rescue. She hopes it will find a new home once it has calmed down and can be handled. Highcroft Veterinary Group owner Richard Killen said: “I am captivated we were able to treat this compelling species of spider. are one of the few veterinary form in the South West that has the level of ability to know how to deal with such an unusual pet. are very proud to be able treat all kinds of accomplice animals – from cats and dogs right through to the most exotic of