Man shot dead next to his own Tombstone

Posted: 25th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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David Pendleton had it all planned.  All he had to do was to arrange for his own death next to his own burial plot, at least that’s what the authorities believe.  It remains unsure whether his desire was to get shot by authorities or he intended to shoot himself since his gun was fully loaded and ready to shoot!

The man from Nevada was ultimately shot dead next to his own grave by authorities who considered him as a threat given his erratic and risky behavior.  The man was believed to be troubled by the death of his wife.  The authorities reached the burial place after responding to an anonymous phone call whereby a man said a dead body was lying outside a white truck at Gardnerville Cemetery.  When police officers reached the Cemetery, Pendleton, 77, was found with the fully loaded gun.  Police officers now believe that Pendleton might be the person who made the call. 

He was ultimately shot only some feet away from where his wife was buried and where his own burial plot and headstone were.