Man Tries to Board Train with His Pony

Posted: 5th June 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People

A man was caught this week trying to get on board of a train in Wales. Nothing surprising so far. However, he wanted to take his pony with him. The man bought a ticket for himself and tried to get one for his 4 legged friend. The incident occurred at Wrexham’s train station, in the northern part of Wales. The man wanted to travel to Holyhead with his animal friend.

The staff was obviously shocked to assist the man. They tried in vain to convince the man that horses were not welcome on board trains. The man was not willing to be refused access to the train. Claiming he knew the law, he walked across the bridge and got onto a platform. When the train he wanted to travel into arrived, he boarded it and tried to get his pony on the train as well. Unfortunately for him, a conductor intervened. A spokeswoman explained that while the company allowed small animals on board, they did not allow larger animals.

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