Marijuana Brownies Served at Funeral

Posted: 29th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Marijuana is one of the most common recreational drugs. While most people consume it knowingly, an incident in Huntington Beach has shown that you must watch what you eat. Indeed, the police have reported that 3 people required medical attention and even had to be hospitalized after they consumed brownies laced with marijuana at a funeral.


Two women in their 70s and an 82 year old man were rushed to the hospital after they attended the same memorial service over the weekend. What was common in all the 3 incidents was that it took place at the same place and all 3 of them consumed brownies offered there. It was not long before they started to complain of nausea, weakness and dizziness. What the seniors did not know was that their friend was a great fan of marijuana brownies and the brownies were served in memory of the deceased.

  1. I bet we see marijuana legalized in 5 years or less.