Meet this chocoholic fish from London

Posted: 3rd September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Have you ever heard of a fish which was addicted to chocolate and ate nothing but Kit Kats? Meet Gary-he is a 4 kilogram, 40cm long gourami fish who lives at the Sea Life London Aquarium and sadly he used to be a chocoholic.  The good news however is that staff members have managed to curb this addiction and have moved the fish onto a healthier diet. 

The staff members report that when they just inherited the fish, they were surprised to find out that the fish did not eat anything and they later found out that the previous owners

raised their fish on Kit Kats only.  One way of getting the fish to eat other food was by inserting Kit Kat pieces into grapes and gradually introducing the fish to other food.  It is believed that the fish did not suffer from any negative health effects from this addiction but it remains a quite surprising thing to find a fish that normally feeds on a diet of fruits which has been fed chocolates its entire life.