M&S handbag with a smell of fish

Posted: 5th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in People

M&S customers have been terribly dissatisfied with one of the metallic bags from the retail store giant.  In fact, M&S had to deal with innumerous complaints coming from customers who bought the £25 handbag claiming that it is having a peculiar smell of fish.  Some of the complaints can be read off the store’s website whereby some women have explained to what extent they have gone to get rid of the smell but to no avail. 

Customers have used perfumed tissues, air neutralizers and natural fragrances in a bid to have the bad smell dissipated but they miserably failed.  Another one pointed out that despite having hung the bag outside for three weeks, it still had that fishy smell.  In the face of this embarrassing smell, some customers have returned the bag and claimed refunds. 

On the management side, they acknowledge having an issue with the bag in question but explain that although they have received a lot of complaints, not many customers have claimed for a refund.  They also add that the bag is considered to be a fashionable practical handbag with very low rates of returns to the store.

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  1. Marcis Gasuns says:

    Poor customers. Such a nice handbag and such circumstances. Wouldn't want to be in their place.