Mum discovers face of Virgin Mary in a tree

Posted: 30th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Afterlife

Mum stunned to discover face of Virgin Mary in a tree outside her house
Mum stunned to discover face of Virgin Mary in a tree outside her house
A woman claims to have seen the face of the Virgin Mary – in a tree outside her home. Paula Raferty said she first noticed the startling similarity when a neighbour of hers walked up to her and pointed it out. Paula, 48, was chatting to her neighbour on Thursday morning when they pointed to a tree right outside her house in Whitefield, Greater Manchester. The mum-of-two believes it is a natural phenomenon that has possibly been there for a long time unnoticed – but says her children think it is ‘spooky’ that it appeared ahead of Halloween. Now neighbours are debating what the face could be – with the Mary, the Mother of God, along with Cosette from Les Miserables or even one of the 12 apostles. Paula even suggested that it was so creepy it could be a witch, adding: “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very spooky, especially considering it is Halloween on Saturday night. Mercury Press

Barking: A number of people have said they can see the face “My neighbour brought me out of my house this morning and said ‘look at this’ and I realised straight away that it is a face. “From the pictures it does look like Mary, but sometimes to the naked eye it is so creepy that it looks a bit like a witch. “I definitely wouldn’t want the Vatican looking at it as some kind of miracle as I would be mortified if it became a site for religious pilgrims . “It’s right outside my house so it would be terrible if hundreds of people started turning up – I’d have to ask the council to cut the tree down.” De Agostini/Getty Images

Holy: Christians believe Mary was a virgin who gave birth to the son of god Paula says both of her two children think the face is creepy, though she admitted her son might try to make money out of it if he thought he could. Paula, who has lived next to the tree for 20 years, said: “My son is only 11 but if he thought people would pay to come and see the face I’m sure he would set up camp outside it to get his pocket money. “It looks like the face has been there a long time but I think it has gone unnoticed because lots of cars park there so will have hidden it from view.” Mercury Press

Face: The image has stunned neighbours in the road Fellow neighbour Louise Farrell, 55, also lives next to the unusual tree and believes the tree looks like one of the 12 apostles or Cosette from Les Miserables. Louise, who runs her own linen business, said: “It’s very odd. I was quite shocked when I saw it but didn’t think that it would cause all of this fuss. “My daughter is convinced it looks like one of the 12 apostles, which is quite an unusual thing to see at the end of your drive. Mercury Press

Worries: Paula said she did not want the area to become a shrine “I think the dark mornings and nights mean that people have not noticed it while they have been on their way to and from work – but now it’s been spotted who knows what will happen. I certainly don’t want lots of people outside my house.” The ‘face’ is thought to be an example of pareidolia – where people see things such as faces in clouds or a figure standing where a dressing gown hangs off the back of a door.