Murder victims body is displayed in bizarre wake

Posted: 20th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in People

Murder victims body is propped up at table playing DOMINOES as his family parties during bizarre wake
He appears to be deep in thought as he plans out his next dominoes move while his friends party around him. But this young man is actually dead, and he is being the guest of honour at his own wake . Jomar Aguayo Collazo was shot in a bar in Río Piedras in Puerto Rico last Sunday just a few days after his 23rd birthday. Just before his funeral, his mother, who owns the bar, decided to give her son a decent send off by allowing him to play dominos and drink in his corner one last time. Dressed in a blue tracksuit, Jomar sat with his head bowed as friends and family took it in turns to sit on the chairs surrounding him, while dance music played from the juke box, The young man, who had a gun on his corpse when police found him, was one of three killed in what was thought to be a drugs related incident. Four more were wounded. This is not the first time a corpse has been allowed to be present at his own wake in Puerto Rico. The Marín funeral directors has also embalmed a keen boxer to make him look as though he was gearing up for his last fight, and a corpse riding a motorbike.