News Anchor Bit on Face by Rescued Dog – Video

Posted: 8th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals

Max, a 3-year-old Argentine Mastiff, fresh off being saved from the freezing waters of the Smith Reservoir, has taken a bite from veteran KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer on the face during a segment being filmed at at 9News studios. Luckily, 9News reports that Dyer is "currently in fair condition and is being evaluated by the trauma team. She is awake and visiting with family who asked that we thank the community for their immediate outpouring of support."

The dog, and it's owner and the rescue firefighter involved in the Smith Reservoir rescue Tuesday afternoon were recording in the 9News studios with Dyer for a follow up report on the dramatic rescue, according to The Denver Post. In the clip below, Dyer is seen kneeling on the floor petting the dog's neck and getting close to it's face (big mistake), when suddenly Max, perhaps still traumatized from the rescue, bares his teeth, lunges and bites Dyer's face.

On the 9News Facebook page, viewers reacted to the bite with sympathy for Dyer's injury. Some expressed that it might have been too early to put the dog on television or that perhaps Dyer may have been too close to the dog's face and that his "reaction was out of trauma."

The 85-pound Argentine Mastiff is lucky to be alive after being rescued from the freezing cold waters of Smith Reservoir, Tuesday afternoon.