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Forget a white wedding – how about a wet marriage That’s exactly what the couple in these alluring image opted for when they tied the knot back in 1954. The adventuresome bride and groom – Bob Smith and Mary Beth Sanger – staged an unusual immersed ceremony. READ MORE: How do you survive 50 YEARS as a acquiescent husband – one man who has managed it has the answers Life collection/Getty

Wet stuff: Bob Smith with his soon-to- be wife Mary Beth Sanger In these retro snaps, they are seen beneath the surface in a special tank at Aquarena in the US. May Beth sported classic wedding attire, while Bob was suited and booted. Life collection/Getty

Big day: The couple got married in a tank in the 1950s Diving weights were used to hold down the bride’s busy skirt while the groom placed wax badge under his shirt to keep it stiff, reports . Once immersed, they relied on a handily placed tube to breathe. Life collection/Getty

Wedding party: Friends and family watched from a viewing centre But the couple were no alien to getting wet – Mary Beth was a synchronised swimmer and Bob worked as an immersed clown. Their choice of venue didn’t mean their guests couldn’t enjoy their big day with them – they were able to follow the action from a viewing centre.