Not a-moo-sed Firefighters come to the rescue after cow gets its head stuck in chair
Firefighters had an unusual rescue mission this morning when they were called to help out a cow. The creature had somehow managed to get its head stuck in a plastic chair and was unable to get out. Two fire crews from Northamptonshire Fire Service attended to help out, finally freeing the animal from its unusual trap. 07:50 cow with garden chair stuck on head, Mounts & Wellingborough crew attended, cow self released— NorthantsFire (@northantsfire) August 28, 2015 After the fire brigade tweeted about their rescue, Twitter users piled in with as many cow-related puns as they could muster. milking it”, wrote Deriska. “I guess it flatten its way away, pursue Jacquie. clod, isn’t boy wrote another. Stephen chimed in with: along. Nothing to see