If you’re afraid of spiders look away now – even if you’re fond of an dramatic cleavage! This shocking footage starts off in fairly candid, if a little racy, manner by showing a female’s top half wearing a bright pink low-cut top. But if you thought it was going to be a video for voyeurs, what happens next is bound to shock you. Seconds in, a hairy black leg appears out of the cleavage area, followed by another and then a third. Youtube/mehmet5088

Hairy Sight: This is not what you expect to come out of anyone’s top Before you know it a HUGE harvestman emerges, almost filling the screen with it’s fearsome form as it pauses on the hem of the garment. The footage was uploaded by YouTube user shadesofpink, a vlogger whose other videos include make-up tutorials. But it’s her spider clip that’s had the most views – more than 8000, so far – and plenty of comments. One, MsPantherFan, wrote: should do that for Halloween or at any other