Penis Enhancing can be Fatal

Posted: 26th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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After the case of buttock enhancer injection, there’s now a new case of illegal practice of medicine this time involving a man who was killed during a penis enhancing procedure. 

It is believed that Kasia Rivera, a New Jersey woman, gave Justin Street, 22 a silicone injection to enhance his penis but the silicone went directly into his bloodstream.  He was taken to hospital and was pronounced dead.  The young man leave behind two children. 

Rivera, advertised his services in bars with cards claiming that she can enhance people’s beauty.  Justin Street went to Rivera on May 6 to seek her services.  Rivera is currently being held on charges of manslaughter and illegal practice of medicine, following her arrest on December 9.

She is being held on bail of $75,000 and was returned to jail after being unable to pay the bail.  It is believed that other people may have sought her services and authorities had made a plea for them to come forward so that more is learnt regarding her practices.  They add that sometimes it is humiliating for people involved in such cases to come forward but police officers assure them everything will be dealt in all confidentiality.