Ghosts at an Airport

Posted: 3rd November 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Ghosts

Security staff at an international airport have been left shivering in fear after spotting the ghost of a small child haunting departures. The terrifed employees at Mexico City’s International Airport say the spirit is of a seven-year-old girl is frequently spotted in an around the terminal. They say she is also spotted in an area known as the “cemetery of planes” where redundant parts of aircraft are thrown away. One guard claims to have taken a picture of the ghost at the window of an abandoned plane. Spotted: The child is dressed in a long Victorian dress and has forgotten to tie her shoelaces The little girl is said to always have a ball in her hand and has forgotten to tie up her shoe-laces. The areas she apparently haunts are restricted and are patrolled at day and night. Read more: Ghostly ‘spectre’ of little girl captured on CCTV inside nightclub that used to be mortuary One of the latest videos to surface allegedly shows the ghostly child outside the arrivals hall. She appears to be wearing a long nightgown and cap, perhaps of the Victorian era, and is smiling. Sceptics say it is simply a clever illusion but the legend fails to go away, especially around Halloween.