Pilot stuck in lavatory

Posted: 16th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Motoring
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Pilot stuck in lavatory

The situation on an airplane got messy, and could have been worse if the airplane pilot had not intervened on time. 

While being in a holding pattern above La Guardia airport in New York, the lavatory door of the Chautauqua Airlines flight got jammed with the pilot trapped inside.  He kept banging on the door for help until someone finally heard him and came to his rescue.  The pilot then instructed the passenger to inform the cockpit crew about the situation. 

It is from there that the situation got out of control.  The cockpit crew was put off by the passenger’s accent and could not understand what he was trying to say while tapping on the cockpit door.  The co pilot who was clearly not happy about the situation radioed to an air traffic control officer about the situation who then advised him to declare an emergency situation in order to land. 

Meanwhile the pilot managed to get out of the lavatory and calmed things down.  The captain explained to the air control officer that there was no threat on the airplane and he simply got locked in the lavatory and had to fight his way out of it with his body in order to open the door. 

According to the Post despite the fact that there was no security threat on the flight the FBI and Port Authority police were still awaiting the landing of the jet.

  1. Michael says:

    Yeah right, he fell asleep or was having a smoke, thats what took him so long