Placenta Cooking

Posted: 27th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People

Although there is no known medicine to cure baby blues and depression of new moms, there are nevertheless some grandma recipes which are now gradually making their way to mainstream medicine.  One of them involves placenta cooking and ultimately consuming it as a way to tackle postpartum depression, improve milk production and as an energy source. 

Lisa Fortin, founder of Placenta Healing Arts from Brooklyn, is the owner of one such niche business and she cooks placenta for news mums and converts them into pills.  She explains that although while cooking the placenta there is a unique smell which is released, she remains fascinated by the beauty of the placenta itself, which is in the form of a tree. 

The placenta is cooked for about 25 minutes and is then sliced into pieces before allowing it to dry for approximately 10 hours at 105 degrees.  The dried placenta is then inserted into a coffee grinder, with the powder obtained being filled in capsules.  This whole placenta cooking and encapsulation process is done using basic kitchen appliances. 

Placenta cooking finds it roots in traditional Chinese medicines and according to Fortin is quite common all over the world and with time, it is gaining its importance in the states as well with Fortin having more than two hundred customers yearly. 

The authority so far has adopted a hands off approach to placenta cooking, and no special operating license is required.  However Fortin explains that there exist some sort of industry wide standards in order to maintain the reliability of this form of medicine.  Fortin even offers a course on how to prepare placentas for those interested.