Police Investigate Teacher Cutting Students Hair

Posted: 31st January 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in People, School Life
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indexA friendly bet between a wrestler, Carla Fontes, and her high school coach, Stan Haraguchi, has led to the suspension of the coach and investigations by the police. The coach thought that Carla Fontes’ hair, which was flowing below her waist, was interfering with her performance at the game. Carla Fontes had not cut her hair since she was in intermediate school. The bet was that if Fontes lost the match, the coach would cut off her hair. She later lost the match, following a 3-0 start last week.

Although Fontes ‘ mother had forbidden her from cutting her hair, she allowed the coach to cut the hair, during a team meeting on Monday. However, Fontes had not communicated to the coach that her mother was against the idea. According to Donalyn Dela Cruz, the spokeswoman for the state Department of Education, the coach has been suspended.

Fontes’ mother was very angered when her daughter came home with her hair cut. She later told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that her daughter’s hair went all the way down her butt prior to the events. She also noted that a piece of her daughter’s body had been taken away and that it appeared as though a rat was nibbling on the hair.

Carla Fontes also commended on the issue saying that she wished that her hair was not cut, but she loved wrestling because it allowed her to release anger. She also hoped that the sport would earn her a college scholarship. However, the coach declined to comment on the issue.

Kelcy Koga, the Principal, noted that it is the best practice to first seek parents’ consent before taking such an action, in any educational situation.

Arlette Fontes, the mother to Carla Fontes said that she would press charges against the coach. On Tuesday, the Hawaii County police started investigations into the issue.

  1. Owen says:

    Best to have short hair when you are boxing, I have been teaching for years

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    Can we get a closer look at her face?

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    hahaha was getting in the way was it!!!

  4. Lily says:

    She probably deserved it