Prison fugitive taunts police over Facebook

Posted: 1st January 2010 by Absurd Stories in Facebook

Prison fugitive taunts police over Facebook Most of you will know that in many prisons prisoners will sneak in mobile phones to taunt their victims or even continue they gang or drug operations. This story from the UK may shock you as an escaped prisoner has now begun posting taunts aimed at the police and on Christmas Day Craig Lynch even posted a picture of himself dressed in tinsel, holding a turkey and flipping the bird to the police.

Rather than hide until the police stop searching for him like other escaped prisoners, Lynch decided to update the police on his movements and tells his fans that he always stays one step ahead of the police. He even told the police that he would be taking his daughter out to the fair and that he bought her a Winnie the Pooh doll.

However Lynch has attracted opposition and people have begun to create opposition pages, one being called ‘Craig 'Lazie' Lynch is a LOSER!’ The police say they are working with Facebook in order to track him down and take him back to prison.

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