Real Life Comic Book Villain

Posted: 6th February 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in People
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We have all read or seen a comic book at least once in our lives. To some they are of no interest; to others they are vast sources of entertainment; some find them fascinating and make it their passion, hobby and sometimes obsession. To one man from Venezuela, he took it even further and decided to permanently change his appearance to look like his favorite character: Red Skull.

Henry Damon is a 37-year-old father, husband and son from the capital city, Caracas. Extreme-Body-Modification-Surgery-249833He has decided to surgically change his appearance to look like the villain from the Captain America comic book series, Red Skull. He has removed his nose and added bumps under his cheeks and forehead. His doctor is a medical school dropout who has become famed for his body modification procedures.

The doctor, Emilio Gonzalez said that he first properly checks the health of all his patients. In the case of Mr. Damon, he made sure that the patient had no respiratory or nasal diseases. The surgeon said that he even went as far as to check the mental health of Mr. Damon and declared that he “is a physically and intellectually healthy person.” Mr. Damon, or Red Skull, has only started his transformation towards this menacing character. He is also scheduled to have silicone implants inserted throughout his face (chin, cheeks, and cheekbones) and then have his face permanently dyed and tattooed red. It’s still a long way from complete, but in the end, Henry Damon will indeed be Red Skull.Man-Has-Nose-Removed-to-Look-Like-Marvel-Super-Villain-249839