Robot Sucks Up Woman’s Hair

Posted: 15th February 2015 by Absurd Stories in People
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skoreavacuumhairRetaining cleanliness inside her home and beginning with her dusty carpets turned into a nightmare for one homeowners. Keeping your carpets’ cleanliness in check isn’t a particularly tough task, and it is something that can usually be achieved by anyone in one sessions. You just need to know the right strategies for cleaning a carpet with a robot vacuum and that is not to fall asleep on the carpet. In fact you shouldn’t fall asleep when there is a robot vacuum in the room because you don’t want to fall into its hands like this 52 year old woman.

1000The woman from Changwon city in South Korea had to call emergency services when 5cm of her hair was suctioned up by the machine, causing all her and the vacuum to come to a standstill.

The woman, who will remain unnamed alerted firefighters who responding to her pleas for help and they were able to free her. Fortunately the dazed woman suffered no injuries except a bruised ego when images of her on the floor started emerging.

One can only hope that next time she decides to take a nap while vacuuming, she’ll have the common sense to switch the programmable machine off first before taking a nap.