Silicone Lip Injections

Posted: 9th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in People

Silicone Lip Injections

Russian woman, Kristina Rei, has had 100 silicone injections in her lips at a cost of £40 each in an attempt to resemble the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.  Kristina explains that the cartoon character represents her idea of a perfect woman.  Despite having abnormally huge lips, the nail technician still thinks that her lips are still too small. 

When she was younger, she considered her normal lips too thin and wanted to have huge lips, in part inspired by the cartoon character but also because her sister Ira had huge lips which she considered really beautiful.  She had her first injection when she was still 17 and was being bullied at school regarding her looks. 

The young woman who has never had a boyfriend is planning to have additional injections because she is addicted to it.  She adds that she is fully aware that some people see her as ugly, but she does not care about others, so long as she feels good about herself. 

Kristina further claims that she likes the attention that she gets in the street when people try to film her huge lips and this makes her want to look more extreme and out of the common.  She is looking forward to go under the knife again in the future and have more plastic surgery like having a boobs and nose job.  In the end, she would like to have her ears resemble those of an elf.