Snakes on a Plane – For Real

Posted: 9th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Snakes on a Plane

We’ve heard of people smuggling drug in their suitcases but it must be the first time that someone has taken the risk of smuggling 247 poisonous snakes and other endangered reptiles in his baggage.  Smuggling these creatures may surely have been lucrative if he managed to sell them, but was definitely risky not only for him but for fellow passengers as well had they managed to escape from his suitcase. 

The man identified as Karel Abelovsky, aged 51, is believed to form part of a criminal ring that is involved in animal smuggling and has so far refused to cooperate with authorities.  Karel arrived in Argentina only few days ago and it would have been impossible for him to catch all these reptiles in such few days.  The man who was arrested and later released on bail owns a website which sells exotic reptiles. 

The reptiles-247 exotic and endangered species include boa constrictors, poisonous pit vipers and coral snakes-were discovered in the suitcase when authorities detected the reptiles in the X-ray scanner.  They were all packed in plastic bags and containers and some were even in socks.  Most of the animals were still alive, but very weak and some had even died from the trauma.  They are now being held with the appropriate institutions.

  1. Michael says:

    Maybe they could have had snake on the menu for dinner?