Spiders Overtake Australian City

Posted: 10th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals, Weather

Just like a scene right from "Arachnophobia", local spiders have covered in silk an Australian town to reach higher ground.

The intense floods near the city of Melbourne has taken some 8,000 residents from their principle residences last week, but also sent millions of wolf spiders and their silk into local shrubs.
The arachnids fleeing have left behind an unusual show: a sea of silk – and spiders – covering local farms and trees.
"Everything is silver. It's like snow in the trees …. Everything is silk," said resident Dennis Lane Melbourne ABC Sydney. "Just at the bottom of the hill from my place, the trees are covered with them. There are just all walk out of the water  and….. They were heading my way."
The small wolf arachnids, are common and very harmless spiders, they can spin a single silk thread to "balloon" themselves over long distances, according to Discovery News. Since millions of them are trying to escape the rising waters, it almost seems that they weave a giant cobweb over the city – but Discovery News notes that previous reports that called them webs are described as inaccurate.