Star Jelly Re-appears

Posted: 26th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People
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The Star Jelly has reappeared, raising the curiosity of onlookers. It got its nickname after it was reported back in the 1950s to have originated from meteors. Back then, 4 cops came across a huge blob in Scotland. The cause was never found, although people have found similarities between the Jelly's shape and frog or toad remains. The appearance of the ‘Star Jelly’ was even the inspiration for the 1958 alien movie, ‘The Bob’.

The latest sighting of the Star Jelly was reported in Cumbria. Rob Shephard, a holiday cottage owner, came across a few of them. He described them as being as big as his foot, and did his best to avoid touching them. However, he could not resist taking some pictures of the blobs. There were many other witnesses who were surprised by the appearance of the jelly. Most of them agreed that they were definitely not of human or animal origin.

  1. Absurd Stories Absurd Stories says:

    That is amazing. Is it safe to touch?

  2. KC says:

    We have had 2 recent "star jelly" drops on our deck.  1 in December and 1 today.