Stem Cell Therapy for Cats

Posted: 15th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Stem Cell Therapy for Cats

When Veronika Morrison learnt that her pampered pet cat was suffering from renal failure she was determined to do everything in her might to save her cat.  After doing some research over the internet, she came across MediVet which offers clinical services to animals.  She was told that her cat needed stem cell therapy to fight the cat’s renal failure. 

For that operation, Veronika had to spend a whopping sum of $2500 which she happily did in order to have her cat by her side for some time more. 

The cat’s illness was discovered some time back when the owners who initially thought that it had diabetes took him to the veterinary.  Upon consultation and testing, it was found that the cat had 75% renal failure and had only about three months left to live.  After reading that by using stem cells this had a 90% success rate, Veronika and her husband agreed to give it a try. 

The operation lasted a whole day and was conducted by Dr. Andrew Padula last week whereby fat from the cat’s abdomen and blood plasma was removed to extract the stem cells and then infused back into the bloodstream to generate new kidney cells. 

Although this procedure is quite new in nature, the success rate is quite reassuring and it is believed to prolong cat’s lives as well as improve their quality of life.

  1. Michael says:

    What an ugly cat, would you really want to save it?