Stephen Hawking’s Thoughts on the After World

Stephen Hawking clearly does not believe in the importance of God and the existence of heaven and hell if you are to read between the lines of his latest interview. The famed theoretical physicist could not find a place for heaven in his mental picture of the universe.

The 69 year old sees the human brain as a computer which will one day stop working once the internal components fail. Paralyzed by a motor neuron disease since his early twenties, Hawking says he is not afraid of death. While he has no hurry to die, he certainly believes he still has a lot of unaccomplished desires.

He also expressed himself of what he believed was a fear of death that many people have. The afterlife is only a fairy story according to Hawking.  He also played down the role of God in getting the universe going. He may certainly have upset many of his fans and certain religious institutions with his interview.