Stuck Up Where?

Posted: 26th November 2011 by Absurd Stories in People

Stuck Up is the name of the book written by three doctors to document the weird patient cases they had to deal with where their patients had all sorts of objects stuck up in their colon.  If you have ever been in this delicate situation of having an object stuck up-voluntarily or involuntarily-in your colon, you will surely be able to relate to these types of situations depicted in this book through X-rays of patients. 

The three doctors have in fact written this book backed by X-rays of their patients which had very unusual objects in their colon-ranging from scissors, glasses, cassette tapes to the weirdest of objects, including toys like Buzz Lightyear.

Upon interrogation, some patients had narrated that it was just an unfortunate mishap whereby they were walking around naked and tripped over their kid’s toys or other random objects or simply jumped too hard in bed onto unsuspicious objects lying in their bed. 

By contrast, some patients have admitted to being in this painful situation owing to their sexual activity and sexual orientation.  Irrespective of the reasons why they had something stuck up their inner sanctum, the truth remains that this book in likely to reveal some very interesting and funny-albeit painful-moments of people’s life!

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