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A bothered man christened detective to address a UFO sighting. The guest approach boss Manchester detective at 3.46am, allege to have seen a ‘blue light’ eloquent carelessly in the sky above north Manchester. He said that the article was eloquent 358-360 amount north. The comical call was acknowledge by agent from GMP Manchester North on […]

This is is bizarre moment different UFOs appear to descend on Earth in an absorbing home video. And some have claimed that it could be clue of an alien invasion. The clip appears to apprehend a bright light drift in the sky before it abruptly drops and splits into seven free blink lights. Strange: The […]

Aliens attack policeman

Posted: 10th February 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in Internet, Law, Motoring, People
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Police vehicles in the US are equipped with dash cameras. This helps keep documentation of any events that happen during the officer’s workday. Police have a pretty tough job. They fight crime, catch lawbreakers, keep our streets safe, and now – they battle aliens. There has been recent footage running on YouTube that could show […]

The intriguing images of a bizarre flying saucer-shaped object This object was dug out by a coal mining company, during an excavation. They resemble a UFO that fell from the outer space to earth and appear to have embedded itself in the ground thousands of years ago. After the object was dug out, in Siberia’s […]

Woman preserves alien body for two years in Russia

Posted: 7th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People
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A Russian woman claim to have found a dead alien back in 2009 and has since then secretly preserved its corpse in her freezer.  Marta Yegorovnam reports that it is outside her summer house in the Russian city of Petrozavodsk that she heard a loud noise and when she went outside she saw a crashed […]

Star Jelly Re-appears

Posted: 26th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People
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The Star Jelly has reappeared, raising the curiosity of onlookers. It got its nickname after it was reported back in the 1950s to have originated from meteors. Back then, 4 cops came across a huge blob in Scotland. The cause was never found, although people have found similarities between the Jelly's shape and frog or […]

Aliens in Amazon – Fact or Hoax?

Posted: 24th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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British tourists passing in the Amazon, Brazil, have reportedly filmed an alien creature. In their video, we see a strange little creature standing near a tree. These images have not failed to generate interest, as there is still no clear proof that there is indeed extraterrestrial life and whether its representatives have ever set foot […]