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As long as we have had YouTube, we have had cat videos. Cats on skateboards, cats sitting in chairs and cats on top of cats. But just when you thought you had endorsed felines in every achievable position, think again, because a video of a cat confusing in a steamy clinch with a SNAIL has […]

Distressed cat dyed bright PINK rescued from market after being put on display

Posted: 15th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals

A cat has been rescued from a market in Bahrain where it had been dyed P and put on display in the extreme heat. The four-month-old feline, known as Pinky, was spotted at Isa Town Market last month by 17-year-old Bilal Aslam, who posted appalling account of the decayed cat on Facebook. The country’s SPCA […]

Bossy cat is NOT impressed as owners bring pet dog home for first time

Posted: 1st September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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This cat is so not affected with his owners’ choice of friend – a dog – and as you can see from this clip he makes his voice heard. Cato was ready at the window to greet the new animal, but his adventure soon turns to anger as he sees the pooch approaching. His amusing […]

This is the amusing bit an captivating cat arrive to plead “no also to her holder as she gets a bath. The mucky moggy can be seen deluge as she gets conduct to a very soapy wash. But she can be heard aloud grumbling to her owners, who accept they were being told “no also […]

This agile cat was photograph adherent on for its life after anyway appropriating stuck on a first floor pub window. It is a conundrum how she got there, as the aperture is wide open and she is drooping using her front paws to hold on. Her insufficient body hangs 10 feet from the dirt and […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Cats

Posted: 15th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Stem Cell Therapy for Cats When Veronika Morrison learnt that her pampered pet cat was suffering from renal failure she was determined to do everything in her might to save her cat.  After doing some research over the internet, she came across MediVet which offers clinical services to animals.  She was told that her cat […]

Cat on cactus tree for three days

Posted: 21st November 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals

This is the weird story of a cat who apparently wanted some time alone and therefore climbed to the top of a cactus tree and stayed there for at least three days.  The cat was finally spotted by a hiker at the top of the saguaro cactus which is reported to be at least 20 […]