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Out of this world crop circle captured with Drone

Posted: 30th September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Aliens

A weird crop circle shaped like a watch can be seen in all its glory after somehow ending up in a farmer’s field. The amazing image of the calendar entire with a acclaimed dial was detected in a cornfield in Russia. Some stalks of the crop are burned or abandon, and some flattened. The baffling […]

You’d be pardoned for contemplative you were watching the film ‘Up’ or a scene from Wallace and Gromit when you see the footage of one man’s bizarre invention. The man, known simply by his YouTube handle gasturbine101, has created a chopper that simply flies using a garden chair, a sun parasol and 54 drones. Bestow […]

The moment the first wobbly tooth finally falls out is a catchy time for most youngsters. But as the approaching day got closer this little girl wanted her tooth to be pulled in unique way. She became captivated with finding the best way and watched online videos for inspiration. Her dad advised using a drone […]