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We’re affluent to live in a time where there are many admirable ways of making a name and being gifted with your appearance and your passion, and that is where the scale your tastes lie, we have make-up, body art, jab and fashion at our clearance to make our dreams a reality. While your eyes […]

The latest style fad from the Far East has brought new meaning to the phrase Body Fund to support global ‘disposable care initiatives.” However, social media users aren’t fashion’. Budding convinced. fashionistas in Taiwan have taken the concept too a whole new level with the use of clothes made from plastic bags. Selfie style: Selfies […]

A competent underwear brand has come under fire for selling a ‘sexy’ Cecil the lion costume – just one month after the animal was shot dead. Cecil was killed inĀ  Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer at the end of July, causing a wave of outrage all over the world. The big cat has since […]

Latest Canine Fashion – Wigs for Dogs

Posted: 12th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Here’s the latest canine fashion trend-dress your pampered dogs in colorful wigs that will give them a new leash of life and bring the best out of them- at least that’s what their owners and the maker of these wigs seem to think! According to Ruth Regine, a veteran US wig maker, these hair pieces […]