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Celebrity Cow on the Run in Austria

Posted: 23rd August 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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It has been reported that a "cow whisperer", infrared cameras and helicopters are on the hunt for a runaway Austrian cow named Yvonne, who escaped slaughter in May this year to seek refuge in a Bavarian forest. The cow has now become a star in the Germany and Austria media, having evaded capture for almost […]

ADOLF Hitler purchased blow-up dolls

Posted: 5th August 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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ADOLF Hitler purchased blow-up dolls for his army because so many contracted STD's from prostitutes, The Sun has reported. Archived records tell that Nazi scientists developed the "synthetic comforters" for German soldiers who were often hustling in Paris. The issue was so intense it was keeping many of the troops from their frontline army duties. […]

German Insurance Company Offered Prostitutes to Its Workers There are different ways you can reward your employees. However, a German insurance company probably went a step too far. They decided to arrange an orgy for their employees by inviting prostitutes for a party in a Hungarian spa. The top salesmen were invited to the orgy. […]

Showjumping Cows

Posted: 6th April 2011 by Absurd Stories in Facebook
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Showjumping Cows? Showjumping isn't only for horses! A teenage girl in Germany has got her own back on her parents when they refused to get her a horse … She "borrowed" a cow and taught it to showjump. The 15 year old girl, Regina Mayer, spent hours training her cow (called Luna) to go on […]

£15,000 lunch money

Posted: 2nd December 2009 by Absurd Stories in School Life
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Bullies are typically known for asking for lunch money which is usually a very small amount. This time in Germany the bullies got too greedy and demanded €17,000 which is approximately £15,000.