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Ghosts at an Airport

Posted: 3rd November 2015 by Absurd Stories in Children, Ghosts

Security staff at an international airport have been left shivering in fear after spotting the ghost of a small child haunting departures. The terrifed employees at Mexico City’s International Airport say the spirit is of a seven-year-old girl is frequently spotted in an around the terminal. They say she is also spotted in an area […]

What is the Pendle Witch Ghost?

Posted: 22nd October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Ghosts

These eerie pictures could be the best evidence yet that the spirit of one of the Pendle witches haunts the notorious town. The spine-chilling pictures show what could be the ghost of a young girl looking out from a gravestone with a deathly white face and an ice-cold stare from her black eyes – appearing […]

A ghost hunting expert has claimed to have made contact with Elizabeth Taylor’s ghost. Micky Vermooch, 63, from Scarborough, says he crossed theĀ  legend’s ghost during a abnormal analysis while filming an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Psychic – an approaching TV show. Mr Vermooch, known devotedly as ‘Gypsy Boy’, says Taylor exhale on […]

A spooky image has been detected in a scrap metal business where the spirits refuse to rust in peace. The ghostly face has been spotted in the window of a room used to store car parts. The tortured image captured during a routine photo-shoot at the site in Taronis, Aston. And it is yet more […]

This chilling footage shows the moment a chair was moved by a ghost across the floor of a possessed house. The Ghost agent who apprehend the footage while filming at the property – said it is vital evidence of the the existence of eerie spirits. One of the team, Terry Johnson set up a camcorder […]